Laerskool Brackenfell Primary

Streef na uitnemendheid - Strive for Excellence

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Our Leaders

Our Leaders

Leaders cannot develop overnight. Leadership development is a continuous process, therefore the school must continually pay attention to the development of leaders to ensure that quality leaders are developed. This consists of two facets, i.e.:

A Theoretical aspect:

It is the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

A Practical aspect:

The leader’s discovery of his own leadership potential in a practical situation where he must give and receive guidance. It affords the ideal opportunity to realize his/her own leadership capabilities and to develop it to the advantage of the person.


The RCL learners are responsible for the planning and presenting of events.

  • Annual welcoming of the staff
  • Welcoming of the grade 1’s
  • Recognition of past Brackie leaders
  • Grade 12 reunion


  • Outreach to the community as well as needy schools and organizations

Development camps

Grade 6 monitor camp (identification of leaders)

RCL development camp:

  • Dealing with criticism
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Leadership styles
  • Meeting procedures
  • Organogram and duties


Chair a meeting

Opening of assemblies