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Streef na uitnemendheid - Strive for Excellence

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About Us

Possumus – Yes, we can!


We are often confronted with challenges that have the potential to steal our hope for the future. News offices broadcast a message of a divided community where there is less acceptance and understanding for people who think differently, or look or act differently. People have agendas and programs for their own benefit without considering the impact it might have on the future. Their personal affluence is the only yardstick and the distribution of negativity, hopelessness and false promises is central in the expectation of a hopeless end.

I invite those people to the Brackenfell Primary School and in spirit of our motto, Possumus – yes, we can, our children proclaim a story of hope that reverberates each day in our classrooms, on our playgrounds and on the sports fields.

Different languages are heard when the learners communicate with each other; without movements that promote or suppress different languages. The language they use is irrelevant and natural to them, because the ultimate goal is to understand each other. They proclaim the message: Possumus – yes, we can!

The learners line up, go to their classrooms, teams or to cultural activities – unaware of the person standing, playing and living next to them. They participate as a unit and honour their Creator for their God given talents. They spread the message: Possumus – yes, we can!

Classmates, team mates and fellow participants are supported unconditionally. Together they strive and are successful academically, on the sports fields and in cultural activities.  They carry the message of: Possumus, yes we can!

The belief in your ability to make a difference and to strive for excellence is the cornerstone of the educational philosophy at the Brackenfell Primary School. In partnership with the parents, guardians and friends of the school we strive to develop the learners holistically so that their testimony can remind us to be hopeful of the future, since they believe: Possumus, we can!

Mr E. F. Coetzee

School Principal

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